Episode 2: Navigating the Quarter Life Crisis

Most young adults are not strangers to the quarter life crisis; 39% of men and 49% of young women report feeling a “crisis” in their 20s. Caitlin reflects on the concept of quarter life crisis as an intersection of sense of purpose, sense of self, values, passion, and what brings someone joy. Just as Erik Erikson explained, people in their 20s are trying to develop deeper relationships while also developing a cohesive sense of self. There are positive effects of consciously working through this crisis, as research shows that people who have a sense of life purpose show a lower risk of mortality. Working through this period means finding others who are also going through it, getting to know yourself better through mindfulness and journaling, and taking an active and accepting approach. Caitlin poses a question for the weekly challenge: what do you value and how are you living those values right now? What could you do to introduce just a little more today or tomorrow?